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Recent Updates:
2 October 2007: 71 photos of the ascidians off the U.S. north east coast.
30 September 2007: Photos of Ciona intestinalis and Styela clava from Prince Edward Island, Canada.
4 January 2006: 3 ascidian species from the Thousand Islands, Java, Indonesia were added., i.e. Aplidium multiplicata , Archidistoma richeri and Polycarpa papillata.
2 November 2005: 105 photographs of c. 45 ascidian species/morphs from the Thousand Islands, Java, Indonesia were added.
20 June 2004: 106 photographs of c. 40 ascidian species/morphs from the Maldives were added.
5 February 2004: Additional photographs from the Netherlands: Ascidiella aspersa, Ascidiella scabra, Aplidium glabrum with larvae, Botrylloides leachi , Botrylloides violaceus , Ciona intestinalis, Didemnum lahillei, Molgula manhattensis and Styela clava.
A lot of photographs of ascidian species by Peter Wirtz were added, i.e. from the Azores: Clavelina lepadiformis, Clavelina oblonga, Cystodytes dellechiajei, Distaplia corolla, Stolonica socialis; from Crete, Greece: Didemnid brown-white, didemnid pink, didemnid yellow white, Halocynthia papillosa, Microcosmus polymorphus, Pycnoclavella aurilucens; from Madeira: Eudistoma angolanum, Phallusia mammillata, Clavelina dellavallei, Pycnoclavella taureanensis; from Norway: Ascidia virginea; from Portugal: Aplidium proliferum; from the Adriatic Sea: Phallusia fumigata. Five photographs of salps, Thaliacea by Peter Wirtz: Jasis zonaria, Pyrosoma atlanticum and Salpa maxima.
A photograph of Ascidia virginea from Norway by Gerrit van Wijk.
Photographs from Norway by Dirk Schories: Ascidia conchilega, Ascidia virginea, Botryllus schlosseri, Ciona intestinalis and Halocynthia pyriformis.
A photograph of Ciona gelatinosa from Canada by Tim Siferd, identified by Karen Sanamyan.
A photograph of Halocynthia pyriformis in the Ocean Sciences Centre laboratory, Cananda, by Lena von Harbou.
Photographs of Perophora japonica from Plymouth, Britain by David Nicholson and Dorothea Sommerfeldt from the Marine Biological Association of the UK and published on the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) Web site.
Direct thumbnail links to 70 "ascidian photographs" of the US west coast on the
Stachowicz Lab Website.v
4 January 2004: Photographs of 6 ascidian species/morphs by Junichi Tanaka, i.e. Didemnum cf roberti, Eudistoma white, Neptheis blue, Polycitoridae blue, Polycitoridae white and Sycozoa seiziwadai, from Flores.
11 November 2003: A search engine has been added to the website "Search this website"
9 May 2003: 16 ascidian species/photographs by Thomas Stach from the Indian River Lagoon (Florida); photograph of Ciona savignyi by Charles and Gretchen Lambert from Long Beach (California); 10 ascidian species/photographs by Peter van Bragt from the Philippines.
24 Jan 2003: New species link from Guadeloupe. Symplega viride.
10 Jan 2003: Many new links to the ascidian species (Britain / Ireland) webpages of the Ulster Museum Website.
15 dec 2002: New species links Aplidium glabrum, Ascidia gemmata, Ascidia sydneiensis, Didemnum viridis, Perophora modificata, Stolonica socialis.
15 dec 2002: New photograph of Styela clava.
16 okt 2002: New species links Clavelina arafurensis, Didemnum moseleyi, Ecteinascidia ndouae, Symplega rubra.
15 okt 2002: New species links Ascidia mentula, Pycnoclavella aurilucens.
1 okt 2002: New species links Rhopalaea circulata, Rhopalaea yellow spot.

30 sep 2002: New species link Aplidium longithorax

27 sep 2002: New species links Eudistoma gilboviride, Phallusia julinea.
25 sep 2002: New species links Clavelina morph blue white, Polyclinidae green, Didemnidae purple, Didemnidae transparent yellow, Distaplia cf pallida, Botryllidae yellow, Cionidae blue.
24 sep 2002: New species link Aplidium glabrum.
New link "Gastropod parasites and their coral hosts".
23 sep 2002: New species link Dendrodoa grossularia.

April-August 2002
Many additional photographs and 17 additional ascidian species/morph links were added, partly with the help of pictures of Ron Offermans and links to Billy Swalla's Urochordate Phylogeny Website.

March 29 2002
The first approximately 60 species have been put on this site. The thumbnails are ordered in Locality where the picture was taken, Family and in a complete alphabetical overview.


September-October 2002
At least 50 new ascidian species/morph links will be added, using photographs taken in the Red Sea and Palau.

November-December 2002
Several new ascidian species/morph links will be added, using photographs taken off Scotland.

February-March 2003
Photographs from Thailand will be added.